About Us

Here at Sydney Gift Boxes we are dedicated to customizing boxes whether you’re saying Happy Birthday, Congratulations on your new job or Engagement, Sorry or Would you be my maid of honor? Save yourself the stress of running around the shops trying to find the ‘perfect’ gift that won’t be as exciting as you thought it would. Yes flowers are amazing but no they are not tasty. With our special rose boxes and donut bouquets you can give someone those amazing filled nutella, custard or gaytime dounts which will go straight to the heart and whatever your request is their answer will be YES! Want to impress someone even more? As well as delicious desserts, we also offer gift boxes, bridesmaid/ groomsmen boxes, Fathers/ Mothers Day boxes. Whatever the occasion is be confident that Sydney Gift Boxes has the perfect gift!!! Our packages can be customized to work with any dietary requirements (gluten and/ or lactose, halal, vegan etc)



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